Friday, November 11, 2011

Our inconsistent father in Heaven

     What if God changes his mind? What if he decided that he was just gonna accept everyone from now on? What if he just said "Fuck you, Satan. They're all mine." Impossible you say? How so?
     Let's first talk about the whole God conquering Satan thing. This is a question I've always struggled with. If God is all powerful why not just get rid of the whole devil thing? Or is Satan more powerful than God? That would be scary. I've heard the whole "but then we would have no free will" thing. Does that mean we won't have free will in Heaven? I think it's possible to have free will but always be able to make the right decisions (that is with no devil of course).
     Now let me explain why it's obvious God can change his mind. The flood that covered the earth of course! How obvious is that? God didn't like how man-kind had become and so he wiped out the population (except Noah and his family) with a massive flood. Yes he did send a rainbow as a promise never to do it again, but is that really gonna cut it for us? Are we really convinced that he can keep that promise? Promises get broken all the time. Well... okay maybe I don't think God will flood the earth again but obviously it still shows that we don't have a consistent god. He's not as ALL-KNOWING as we think.
     Let me just put out there something that you might find offensive. I'm just saying what I truthfully believe. I think all people deserve to go to Heaven when they die. Yes that means some of the most "evil" people in history (that includes Hitler). Nobody is just evil. Nobody wants to be evil. Nobody thinks that what they are doing is a bad thing. Everybody is just misinformed. It's how people were raised. Every little thing someone else said to a person contributes to who they are as a person. Also any kind of tragedy or significant event changes a person drastically. It is said that a flapping of a butterfly's wings can trigger a tsunami on the other side of the planet. I'm sure most people have heard of the butterfly effect.
     I'm just tired of how unforgiving people are these days. We all make mistakes. It's just some mistakes have greater consequences than others. Nobody is perfect. Just recently the assistant principle at my old high school was accused of sexual abuse to students. They're just accusations now but even if it turns out true he isn't all of a sudden a bad person. There are still many good qualities he has. Same goes with people like Kobe Bryant, Mel Gibson, etc. Why do we love to focus on the bad? The lord's prayer (depending on the version) reads "... and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us." Should we expect God to forgive us if we can't forgive each other? Obviously he will no matter what but we need to try our best to be like him.

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  1. Nathan,

    are you familiar with the idea of binaries in literature? The idea that to drive a story forward there needs to be tension - usually written as good vs evil. This binary is evident across literature/oral traditions from all cultures. In my opinion, if the Devil isn't 'real' we as humanity would still create him to offset the good of God. We need an evil figure to be fighting against. Since we use binaries to categorize nearly every aspect of our lives, so we can make sense of the world around us, we put people, situations, actions, etc into those two categories. I don't know if the devil exists, I think that he does, but I don't think that he is as powerful as he wants us to think that he is. Our choices give or take away the power that the devil would have over us. I think humanity in general is flawed. I know that God pronounced us as "very good" but that was before sin entered the picture. I think that since then, we have become less. We have undreamed depths of depravity and can cause pain and suffering to each other in unbelievable amounts, seemingly without conscience. Is that the devil? Is he making us do it? Or are we choosing to act on our flaws and not our perfections?

    By the way, I think you are totally right about people being unforgiving towards each other. Though I'm not sure that it is obvious that God will forgive us if we don't forgive others. There are a number of times when Jesus says that the way we act towards others is the way that God will act towards us. I think that we will be surprised at who is in heaven, and I'm glad I'm not in charge of who's in and who's out.

    Keep searching brother,