Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is God?

     I think I see God differently than most people. I'm not sure he is an actual one being, if that makes any sense. We tend to think of him like a human because the Bible says God created us in his image. I don't think we can read that litteraly. Not sure how to read it but I just can't see God being like one thing. I tend to think of God as more of a science that we are constantly learning more about as technology and research improves.
     I've said before that I believe in evolution. Obviously that means there weren't necessarily an Adam and Eve. I see the story of creation as more of a creative way of describing evolution. Remember the serpent said that if you eat from the tree then you will become like God? Maybe when they "ate the fruit" (whatever that means) that's what started the first stage of evolution. Apes slowly started getting smarter and less hairy. We truly ARE become like God in the sense we are learning things about the world that maybe God is only supposed to know.
     So that's sort of what I mean when I say God is a science. I believe that all miracles Jesus and God performed can be explained scientifically. We just can't explain all of them right now with the technology we have. We CAN however explain things like a flood that covered a big portion of the world, a storm calming down, catching lots of fish by switching which side you throw the net on, catching a fish with a coin in its mouth, and there are many ways to explain people's illnesses getting better. It's just that God chooses when these "miracles" happen. That's what makes his power unique.
     Last thing that doesn't really have to do with what I have been talking about above: we say Jesus died for our sins but that doesn't make much sense to me. Why would he have to die? Why not skip the pain for himself and just say "All of your sins are forgiven." And why do we still say you need to repent from your sins in order to be saved if he died for our sins? My roommate, ben adam apparently has an explanation that Jesus didn't in fact die for our sins. (He's a Bible scholar).
     I don't think he died just to forgive our sins but I do believe our sins our forgiven. One of the last things Jesus says before he dies is "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do." He just throws that out there and we don't seem to think much about it. What if he was talking about for all of humanity then and in the future to come? People read those lines just thinking that he's talking about the Roman soldiers killing him, but if he can say that to them, why not to all? That can be taken to prove we all don't know what we're doing. Maybe him saying that just takes away everything we read in the Bible. Makes it obsolete. Jesus just then decided that we are a hopeless species. Most of us incapable of peace and forgiveness and true love. We are unable to get along and make decisions that we can all agree on. We really don't know what we are doing! And so God understands and just lets us all enter the gates of Heaven when we die.


  1. I don't agree with many things here and or might phrase them differently and I have written to Nathan privately my own thoughts...but Nathan I really appreciate your putting into words what you are thinking about. In the words of the InternetMonk - "Many Christians brought up in a fundamentalism with all of the answers have discovered things are much different than they would have anticipated. They are exploring this new world, even as the old one is still shifting beneath their feet. Part of that experience is being told you shouldn’t speak or write what you feel. The better part of the experience is ignoring that, and speaking exactly what you’re thinking, feeling and discovering. “Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say,” as Will Shakespeare put it." (the whole article can be found at: )

  2. I know it's hard to understand. We've grown up believing in one way and trying to ignore logical science. I could have used more examples I guess. For instance, scientists have been able to explain the light at the end of the tunnel. It's just your brain shutting down pretty much. And there are other explanations for out-of-body experiences. There are some good documentaries on this subject. I'm not saying that God's miracles are not cool and impressive. He's the one that controls them. I still see him as all-powerfull.