Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Talk About Sex

     Being raised how I was, in a traditional American Christian family, sex was just always an uncomfortable subject to talk about. Going to a Christian High School didn't help either. Couldn't really even talk about it with my friends. Of course having sex before marriage was frowned upon, using the Bible to support the argument. Now I'm not so sure if I agree with that anymore.
     Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix titled "Let's Talk About Sex." It was SOOO good! I learned a lot. I am going to try to highlight the main points of the documentary.
     First of all 90% of people in the US have had sex before they were married. Statistics are showing that programs trying to encourage abstinence are NOT working. Teens are having sex no matter what. Christian and non-Christian. The statistic applies to all. The problem is Americans are refusing to teach about safe sex. They think that if they teach people how to have safe sex people are going to start having sex. Obviously it's been proven that people are having sex no matter what so all we are doing is not telling them about safe sex therefore causing more unwanted pregnancies and more STD's. This is WRONG!! And unwanted pregnancies I believe is what is causing America to go down the drain. There are too many single mothers that are struggling to support their children!
     Another main point in the documentary is how the countries in Europe deal with sex and how they view Americans. Basically they think we are all idiots, and I agree. They see sex as a natural and healthy part of a loving relationship and they have no problem teaching safe sex in schools and it is helping. There are a lot less teen pregnancies and STD's in Europe.
     So now we get down to the big question. Is sex before marriage wrong? People seem to think that if you have sex before marriage you are probably gonna get a divorce. Let me just say this, the US has a higher divorce rate than any country in Europe, and Europeans are the ones comfortable with the idea that sex is a natural and healthy part of a loving relationship. Maybe it doesn't answer the question completely but it does say that teaching safe sex in schools is a lot better than nothing.


  1. I totally agree that teaching safe sex is important- i'm not sure though that how we're doing it is right though. Mainly because i feel like we've made sex such a norm and fad, instead of being something extraordinary and special.And just to add if you study the history and modern stats of most European relationships, you might find that although they have lower divorce/std/and teen pregnancy rates. They have lower marriage rates, and higher suicide/alcoholism/and drug abuse rates. Some may say that because of the little importance placed on who they make "love" to, confidence levels, and self-esteem goes way down b/c the commitment of sex is taken out, leaving a hugely emotional act completely void. (all my own opinion)
    Really appreciated reading this, Nate. Hope you're doing well!

  2. Also... (sorry to keep gabbing) Most Europeans live in "Open marriages" and adultery is not even considered a big deal. And i don't think the reason Christians look down upon sex before marriage is b/c they'll end in divorce but b/c it's looked at as impure because a person is called by God to be sexually moral and as untouched as possible for their future spouse. That being said, just because someone has sex before marriage does not mean it's going to ruin their marriage later-- it just may be a little stained.

  3. Not sure where you're getting your facts about Europe...but I'm assuming they believe Europe is a country that speaks European as well.

    The US ranks higher in drug use than any given European country in nearly every type.

    "Most Europeans live in open marriages" What???