Friday, November 16, 2012

An Updateory

     I figured it's time for another update on what my spiritual beliefs are because they are constantly changing. I've said how I don't like labeling myself anything. The reason for that is because when you give yourself a label, like you tell people you're an Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, etc. everything that is associated with that label gets thrown on you and people think they know everything about what you believe.
     I can tell you I'm an Agnostic because based on what is associated with that label that is the closest thing to me. And yet again I'm not. Agnostics think there is no way to prove that there is a god or not. I think there is a god... or better word, higher power. I also think that eventually with our continued growth in technology and scientific research that we will eventually be able to prove whether there is a higher power or not.
     My problem with theists and non-theists is their choice of words. When you present something as fact I have a problem with that. When someone says, "I know that was all by the power of God," bothers me. You don't know that! You may think that but you don't know! You may strongly believe in that but you still can't prove it and therefore you should never, ever present it as fact! I also hate when people expect that everybody else should believe the same thing as them, but I guess that's impossible when the book you put all your faith in says that whoever doesn't believe it shall spend eternity burning in Hell.
     This goes for Atheists as well. I know I tend to pick on Christians the most but I do have a problem with people who strongly don't believe in a higher power. I find that people who don't come from any religious background tend to not know how to argue against Christians. All they can talk about is the whole evolution thing but back when I considered myself a Christian I believed in evolution. You can't disprove God by saying humans came from apes.
     Whenever I express an opinion regarding not judging I often get the response, "but aren't you yourself judging if you're saying it's wrong for us to say homosexuality is wrong? You're being a hypocrite."First off, I wouldn't really call it judging because I understand why you might think a certain way. I don't believe in free will because every little thing that is said or done to you is gonna effect how you think and what you do. Hell you can't really blame anybody for anything when you acknowledge free will doesn't exist. That's not to say people shouldn't be punished for their crimes but I do believe punishments should be less severe.
     Anyway back to the point. When I say "don't believe that" that's just what I mean. I may be frustrated that your life circumstances has brought you to believe a certain way but I don't blame you for it. I'm not judging.
     So that's a little update on what I believe. I definitely don't claim to know everything. I would just hope that my blogs inspire you to think things through a little more carefully... to question yourself more. Never come to any conclusions and stick with it your whole life.

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