Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Real life examples

     First of all I need to congratulate Obama for a big win last night. I know a lot of you aren't happy about it so I am sorry for your loss. Though obviously I disagree with some of your stances. Very rarely do I use real life examples to prove my points but I have some that I would like to share with you.
     So back to the whole homosexuality issue. I know I've talked about it a lot and you're probably tired of hearing what I have to say. I'm just so passionate about it though. It's frustrating knowing you are right about something and having others not seem to get it. Of course we all think we're right though.
     The Center at Blessed Sacrament (my work) is a place where people who have been issued community service hours can come and work. For the past few months we've had a guy from england who happens to be gay come do his hours at the center. As we were going around Los Angeles picking up pastry donations from various Starbucks yesterday we got to talking about the election. Never have I met someone so much against Romney as he was. It became clear to me that he is only against him because of his stance on homosexuality. I don't think he knew much else about politics. But I understand how one issue can be the deciding factor in an election. He can't vote though because he's not an American citizen. He was almost in tears as he was explaining to me how heartbreaking it is that other people think his "lifestyle" is wrong. He is one of the lucky ones to actually be married but a lot of people aren't because there's this book called the Bible that says you can't lye with a man the same way you lye with a woman and for some reason the government thinks they get to decide on the definition of marriage.
     Come on people! When will you learn? I seriously want to cry when I hear someone say homosexuality is wrong. I don't care how intelligent your other politics are, if you aren't capable of acknowledging the worthiness of another's sexual preference I don't want to listen to anything else you have to say because you clearly have some faults that you need to deal with first.
     Here's another real life example I would like to share. Recently a transgender woman has been coming into the center and participating in our groups. (A male who dresses as a woman and who gender identifies as a woman). I would say she's been coming in for a little over a month now. From the beginning I decided that I was going to make a conscious effort to treat her like a normal person and not look at her in a judgmental way. Now obviously that's what one should do, but believe it or not I'm not perfect and still get a little weirded out by transgender/transsexual people. I know, I really shouldn't. Anyway she has mentioned that ever since she started coming in to our center she is feeling very good about life. Even her health has drastically improved. She said nobody treats her bad and is making great friendships. For someone like that I think that that is what we're (the center) all about. Building community for people who can't necessarily build community outside of the center because people are judgmental assholes. Pardon my french but when I'm passionate about something I curse.
     This morning this woman said something that made a really good point. Here is basically what she said, "The other day a black man was calling me names like fag and and saying other mean things to me and it really hurt me. Now him and I grew up in a time when there were water fountains just for white people. I just don't understand how someone who had been so discriminated against can be so discriminatory himself."


  1. Wow, from your 4th paragraph I can see why GayPatriot says he gets treated much better by his fellow republicans when they find out he is gay compared to fellow gays who find out he is republican...

  2. What are you talking about? Can't your comment have to do with what you actually think about homosexuality and why or why not you disagree with me?

  3. maybe paragraph 4 was bad wording. I was just trying to express that if you think it actually matters what gender someone is sexually attracted to it shows the immaturity in your ways of thinking. It ultimately affects how you form other opinions.