Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First Post

So here I am, about to start my first blog post. Maybe one of many, or maybe I'll end up forgetting about it and never write anything else. Hopefully it will be the first one.

Let me first tell you a bit about myself (that's if you don't already know me, which if you do know me then you know I'm not much of a talker, and so therefore you don't really know me). I've always been interested in the idea of sharing my thoughts somehow. It's just that, how? Just now am I starting to figure out who I really am. One of the things I've learned about myself recently is I don't know how to put my thoughts into words. So that's why I'm starting a blog. To get better.

What kinds of things am I going to be talking about in these blog posts, you ask? Mostly religion. But don't leave yet for those of you that are not religious. In fact I want to appeal to both sides of the spectrum. As I mentioned before I don't think like the rest of the world. Some of my opinions may seem controversial to you. Christians won't like them because I don't believe every single word the Bible has to say, and Atheists won't like them because, well, I still believe a lot of it. It will be a challenge for me to please everybody.

Well this is pretty much everything I wanted to cover in my intro. If I think of something later I'll try to add it in to another post somehow. I will be dividing the posts up based on specific topics. As time goes by you may notice my opinions changing a bit. That's normal for me. This blog is also sort of to help me organize my thoughts and to see how I'm growing. Thanks for reading and have fun entering into the mind of Nathan Mast!