Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm getting tired of people not questioning

     I've talked about before how I'm questioning the Bible and am slowly loosing my faith, but I am getting tired of other people not questioning. Yes, I realize that everyone in the world thinks they know everything and that everybody else is stupid. I'm no exception. That's basically what I think. I know that I have to be wrong about some things but some of the things others believe just makes absolutely no sense to me.
     I don't understand why people trust the Bible so much. It says a lot of things that doesn't make sense. Here are some examples:
     There is some place called Hell where non-believers and sinners go and spend eternity getting tortured. Why doesn't anyone stop to think that that is a little harsh? The idea of Hell pisses me off. Not even Hitler deserves that. Even if Hitler spent a lifetime getting tortured for each of the millions of Jews that died because of him, that's still not an eternity. I might be okay with that kind of punishment. Now I know a lot of people would say that the point of being a follower of Christ just for the sake of not going to Hell isn't the reason why we follow Christ (my dad brings that up every time I mention the Hell thing). I would say it isn't either, but the idea that there even could be a Hell is just the most terrible thing. Christians must be really bad people if they are going to ignore something like that.
     Here's something else that makes no sense. Every time something good happens a Christian will say "That was all God right there." And they thank God. What about every time something bad happens? Is it the Devil? My question is how powerful is the Devil compared to God (if there is a Devil that is)? Who decides when something good happens and when something bad happens? Maybe God and Satan work together. Maybe they are the same being.
     I went through the whole "Christian" thing. I prayed and thought I was listening to God. I thought that God was speaking to me at times. But actually I always sort of had in the back of my head the thought that maybe I was just putting words in God's mouth. I was mostly hearing what I wanted to hear. And when I heard things that I didn't want to hear I just thought that I was putting words into God's mouth that I didn't want to hear because that's what God does. When you claim to hear what God is telling you, how do you know you're not just doing what I did and putting words into God's mouth?
     As far as when you think your prayers were answered, you don't think there is such a thing as coincidences? Once when I was a kid and my family was driving through Canada, I really wanted to see some wildlife. I thought I heard God's voice in my head saying "look out the window to your left and you will see something." I probably looked without stopping for a good five minutes or so, when much to my surprise I spotted an elk. I thought for sure my prayer was answered and I told my parents. Well little Nathan, there are elk in Canada! Don't be too surprised. I've heard more extreme stories where they seemed a little more believable that it was an answered prayer but coincidences happen, and that is that.
     Anyway there are plenty more things that the general Christian population believes that doesn't make sense. Those were just a few. I would really encourage people to question more.